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Special Annoucements 

This year's Core Course was attended by 71 participants representing 29 countries. Soon to come: photos from the tie contest and notable quotes from participants. To see how the 1999 alumni have made use of the knowledge, tools, and materials attained from the course in their current work as planners, managers, decision makers, implementers and trainers, click here.

-- Video Now Available!

In July 1999, the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network held a two-day forum for more than 800 World Bank economists and external participants. The highlight of this forum was the Balloon Debate which presented evidence on the effect of population on economic development. View the video.

See the new issue of the Adapting to Change Learning Program Newsletter (August 2000) for updates of the Program, featuring new distance learning events, post Core Course Professional Development including reflections on the Course from 1999 alumni, the regionalization of the Program in Francophone Africa, and more!